LEASE AGREEMENT – or contract is a document that is signed mutually between tenant and landlord. This agreement describes that both parties agree with terms and conditions of rent. Tenant must read and understand all the terms of lease agreement before signature. Tenant must ask for an additional explanation of anything in the rental lease agreement if needed.

Summer rental season starting as early May 1th and last till October 1st. Seasonal rents are being paid in a 8-9 payment installments not including advance and security payment that tenant pays to reserve housing place. All the contracts indicate deadlines for rent to be paid. Once your seasonal rent payment is paid there are no more payments are expected. Tenant can stay until last day of contract. Terms are always negotiable, and if tenant feel that timeframe does not fit preferences, we can always discuss terms of seasonal contract.

WHAT IS SEASONAL RATE – Most the Work & Travel participants are coming to USA on the average of 14-16 weeks. Therefore, seasonal rentals are determined by up to maximum 4 months length in the lease agreement.  Seasonal Rates are per person for entire stay depending on location, conditions, capacity, and some other factors

In order to reserve housing place and make it guaranteed upon your arrival we require advanced payment. Advance payment consists of security deposit, which is refundable at the end of your stay minus detailed cleaning and carpet cleaning deductions, plus first payment that usually we calculate towards the total seasonal rent balance. In order to make it more convenient for tenants to afford the rent payments, we divide total rental amount into 8 to 9 payments, and it is paid by weekly installments. Once you arrive, upon Check In, second payment of $300-$350 will be due, for Move In payment.  Normally we spread the installment payments to be paid within 2 months after the arrival, because we understand that participants first need to obtain social security cards, then start working and earning, getting paychecks. Therefore, we allow 2 weeks period between first and second payment.

ADDITIONAL RATES – Fee for Internet connection is one-time charge in the amount of $40, and it is valid for entire season. It is due to be paid at the time of arrival/check in.  Modem and WiFi router with password will be provided and installed by EPOINT.

After the contract expires, if student wants to prolong the duration of stay, rental fee will be assessed at the rate of $75 per week.

SECURITY DEPOSIT – All the tenants must be aware of importance of security deposit. Landlords usually charge advance payment amount + security deposit when tenant reserves housing. The amount of security deposit varies between $250 per person, depending on conditions of the apartment.


A Tenant cannot request the return of security deposit before tenancy ends.

Please be advised that security deposit may be used to cover damage at the unit (if any) and will be refunded in full if the apartment is returned in the original conditions (clean without any damages). Security deposit will go towards the rent payment if there are any fees due by tenants. Also please keep in mind that after you move out, we will be hiring cleaning company to do thorough detailed cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms to ensure apartments are in proper conditions. Therefore, cost of professional detailed cleaning is $35 (DETAILED CLEANING FEE) per person. If apartment is returned with excessive trash and dirty, additional $20 will be deducted. Also, there are additional $15 (CARPETT CLEANING FEE) will be added if this property has any carpet floors.

After you move in, if you decide to move out early, or terminate contract before you paid in full, you will lose security deposit and payments that had been made.

Unit must be cleaned of any trash or personal belongings and returned to E-Point no later than Move-out Date

Remaining amount of Security Deposit after all the deductions is going to be wired to tenants provided local bank account via online transfer Any additional expenses for wire must be covered by tenant. 

UTILITIES – Electric, Gas and Water, are included in rent (except for Internet). However, we always keep right to collect more deductions from the deposit or charge for additional utility costs if tenants do not show any care and abuse electricity, water or gas usage. 

NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT – House must stay smoke free for the duration of your stay. It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the house at any time. If tenant(s) smoke inside the house, will lose refund of security deposit. Please use designated area such as porch or balcony to smoke, and please do not litter;

UNREGISTERED GUESTS – Guests are not allowed at the property after 10pm. Tenants need to respect the privacy of others and do not let anyone who is unregistered to reside at the property after 10pm. This rule is strictly enforced, and anyone violating this rule will be subject to eviction.

KEEPING YOUR APARTMENT CLEAN – Maintaining clean and trash free environment in and around the property; E-Point will reserve the right to evict tenant(s) who do not maintain the property in clean and trash free conditions;

NO PARTIES!!! NO GROUP GATHERINGS – Any large group gathering that will cause disturbance of other tenants or neighbors, will violate the noise ordinance rules of housing is automatically subject to eviction. Please comply with town noise violation rules

Individuals who will violate noise ordinance rules and laws will be evicted immediately without return of deposit.  No overcrowd parties or gathering allowed in apartment during rental period.

All the tenants of the unit must be aware that Landlord (EPOINT) has the right to inspect the units at any time. In addition, may take any necessary action if occupants or guest of occupants are engaged in any action that may cause harm to the property or others as well as any action that violates local, state or federal laws.