Housing – Prices and Rates

Most the Work & Travel participants are coming to USA on the average of 14-16 weeks. Therefore, seasonal rentals are determined by up to maximum 4 months length in the lease agreement.  Rental rates in Ocean City and Fenwick Island area for 2018 season for ranges from $1850 to $2100 per person for entire stay depending on location, conditions, capacity etc.

In order to reserve the place, and make it guaranteed upon your arrival we require advanced payment. Advance payment consists of $200 security deposit, which is refundable at the end of your stay, plus $200 that goes towards the total seasonal rent balance. In order to make it more convenient for J-1 participant to afford the rent payments, we divide total rental amount into 8 to 10 payments and it is paid by installments. After you arrive, upon Check In, second payment of $300 will be due, for Move In payment.  Normally we spread the installment payments to be paid within 2 months after the arrival, because we understand that participants first need to obtain social security cards, then start working and earning, getting paychecks. Therefore, we allow 2 weeks period between first and second payment.

Rates in Delaware resorts, Bethany, Dewey, Rehoboth Beach area averages between $1700 and $1800 per person for entire stay. Weekly rates are around $120 per week and up.

Please note: Weekly or seasonal rates also depend whether utility costs such as Electric, Water, Gas, Internet, TV/Cable etc are included in rent payments or not. Every student that rents from EPOINT is free from general utility costs( electric, water, gas, trash removal). Rental fee also includes new bed sheets, mattress cover and pillows, as well as complete kitchen supplies, such as pots, pans, dishes, & silverware. The only charge we have is 1 time fee of $40 to set up a wireless internet access in your apartment. Wifi fee is due upon Check In to apartment and will cover unlimited internet usage for your entire stay.