Things You Need to Know

What to know when you come to the USA,

Based on our long experience in working with students, here is what you need to know. Every year we see that many students are not prepared right for the trip to USA. Remember, you should not overload your baggage with the stuff that you will never use. It is very important to get ready for the trip with the right approach. Here are the things that you will need most:

 Your documents

It is very important to double check, and make sure your passport, DS form, Airline ticket, insurance, job offer, and all the U.S. contact information are all present. Place it in the handbag, so you can carry it with you all the time. Please have few copies of them, just in case.

What to know about your bedding stuff

We strongly recommend bringing at least one set of sheet and pillow case with you. Most of the student housing does not include the bedding stuff, so you will end up spending extra money here.

For those students who come early( May – early June), you need to know that you might need warmer clothes. Even though it is sunny outside during the day, evenings and nights might be surprising with drop in temperature. Also, keep in mind that our resort area is surrounded with ocean and the bay, and wind is blowing very frequently. So, if you bring 1 Jacket, 1 sweater, pair of jeans, shorts, few t-shirts, and few pairs of shoes, you should be fine. Please keep in mind that first days of your arrival you will do lot of walking, so shoes must be very comfortable. We recommend sneakers, or regular sport shoes.

What to know about uniforms

Most of the American employers are offering their own design working clothes, so do not even bother to purchase uniforms in advance. But, white shirt and pair of dark pants would not hurt.

What to know about GSM standard phones

After coming to USA every student wants to stay in touch with their friends, parents or relatives back home; whether it is SMS or low fare international call it is absolutely possible. Therefore, if you own a smart phone or tri-band / quad band phone PLEASE bring it with you. As long as your phone supports 1900 frequency you will be saving some dollars, and instead of purchasing new phone all you need is pre-activated Sim card, which you can purchase in numerous locations in all across USA, including at our E-POINT center.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or you are not sure what to bring with you. You can always send us an email to, and we will try to respond promptly. Thank you.

See you at the airport!!!welcome sign what you need to know