Housing – Lease Agreement

Lease agreement or contract is a document that is signed mutually, both parties agree with terms and conditions of rent. Please read the contract completely before signing, and ask if there are any additional charges, e. g., whether the utilities are included in weekly rent. Always ask for an explanation of anything in the rental lease agreement if you do not understand. We will be glad to guide you through the lease and deposit information.

Most of the housing that our center rents includes utility bills (water, gas, electric, TV), so you only pay the rent, which varies from $100 per week to $125, again depending on the location and conditions of the accommodation.

Summer rental terms are starting as early May 1st till October 1st. Please keep in mind that most landlords prefer lease to be paid long before the summer ends. All of the contracts indicate deadlines for rent to be paid. Usually seasonal rent must be paid no later than August 15th in some cases July 20th.  After that you will not owe anything to the landlord and stay until you depart to your home country. But again, terms are always negotiable, and if you feel that timeframe does not fit your preferences, you can always discuss it with the landlord before you sign anything.

After you and the landlord have agreed upon the seasonal/weekly rental amount, security deposit, move in and move out dates, and move in condition of the unit, you should check that the lease agreement includes all of this. You want to be sure that the lease specifies whether utilities (electric, air conditioning, TV, etc,) are included in the weekly rent. Ask for an explanation of anything you do not understand in the lease. A lease is giving you protection against misunderstandings and protection from wrongful eviction. Also, the landlord must give you prior notice before entering the unit and may not enter the unit anytime they want, unless it is stated otherwise in the lease. You should also know that the landlord cannot keep any of your documents (passport, etc.) as a requirement for signing the lease, only copies of them.