Housing – Short Term Rental vs. Seasonal Rental

Short term rentals are defined as daily and weekly basis. Short term rentals are used by students that do not have advanced housing reservation,  in the early stages of their stay in United States. It is not always easy to find fun group of people to live with. It might take few days till you find the right place with people you feel comfortable to share entire summer with. But we can assure you that during all these years E-Point has been assisting International students to meet their needs and preferences, giving them valuable support and choices to make summer time as much memorable as it can be.

Week to week based or overnight rentals are usually higher and it averages around $125 -$150 per week, again depends on location and conditions. We can also assist find a shared room at local motel for around $20 to $30 per person / night.

Seasonal rental is for the entire duration of your stay. In terms of cost saving, seasonal is the best option for students. Most of the students choose housing depending on the workplace location. E-Point offers many locations to choose from alongside the resort area. Please check our listings.

Please note that all of our apartments are well furnished, have full kitchen, stove, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, bathroom, shower and WiFi internet access.